“Stolen Like A Poet,

Spoken Like A Thief” 

“Stolen Like A Poet, Spoken Like A Thief”

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??? May 20, 2023 ???



“Stolen Like a Poet, Spoken Like a Thief”

Aiden Pleasant, a cutthroat, esoteric art collector had just returned from a buying trip in Louisiana and then came down with a sudden illness. Rushed to the hospital, Pleasant had to leave his mansion unattended again. Because of his massive collection of valuable artworks, he had long ago installed a top shelf security system that was up until that point impenetrable.  

After his month-long recovery, Mr. Pleasant returned to his home only to find the corpse of a man on the floor of his parlor. As best as police could ascertain the would-be thief had managed to break into the mansion but then was unable to exit the same route, he eventually starving to death. It seemed the mysterious man bided his final hours by composing some cryptic amateurish poetry, which was found in his trouser pockets. 

 Not much more attention was given to the matter until Mr. Pleasant realized a few days after the discovery of the body that a couple of his prized acquisitions were missing. Many of Mr. Pleasant’s friends and associates assisted in searching the large estate but the relics were never recovered. Mr. Pleasant became both forlorn and obsessive over the lost relics, he finally forming a theory that the strange poems found in the thief’s pockets were somehow clues as to where in the home the missing relics were hidden. 

 And so, Mr. Pleasant is opening his home to the public, providing all visitors with copies of the verses in hopes that someone can unlock the dead man’s spiteful puzzle.


May 20, 2023 from 5:30-9:00pm

Tickets: $45.00

Yes, this is your chance to show your detective skills, but what style of detective will you be? 

We encourage all slueths to share thier personality.  Dress as your favorite detective or PI.

Are you a Sherlock Holmes or more of a Magnum? Columbo or Nancy Drew? You know, Scooby Do would be fun too!

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