Franklin Art Crawl

Let’s play Hide and Seek!

Franklin Art Crawl

The Mystery Art League joined the Franklin Art Crawl! This crawl was the first official public event. We hope you were able to enjoy our three month event. We love hearing you feedback from this event and look forward to seeing you at one of our future events soon!


This event is over, but we will be back with a new one real soon!

Thanks to all that came out to the Franklin Art Crawl event! 

“Hide and Seek.”

Millie loves a good puzzle and likes to show off how well she can stump others. Her puzzle involves eight Mystery Art League paintings randomly scattered among the participating crawl venues. These paintings are identified by the Mystery Art League logo, a QR code, and a letter (each painting will have a different letter). 

Millie’s puzzle revolves around the proper order in which the paintings are to be seen. The right order of the paintings spells out one of four words, which is made from the specific letter of the alphabet found with each painting. 

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