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Here’s How To Play The Game

To play the game, you must study each painting closely. In observing the paintings, you’ll see that they’re connected to one another through the artifacts (i.e., clues related to object, subject, or symbols in the other pieces) Mille has hidden in the paintings. Decypher how the paintings are connected, and you figure out the puzzle’s solution.

An example of how the paintings connect is like this:

Painting 1- #
Painting 2- #  %
Painting 3- %  &
Painting 4- &  @

Once you’ve solved the riddle, you’ll need to submit your answer to the Mystery Art League’s website. You’ll do so by clicking on the word you think is correct. Then, add your contact information and select one of the fine art prints you’d like as a prize. This submission enters you into our drawing for the art piece you have chosen.  The drawing will be held on Oct. 29th, Nov. 26, and Dec. 10th, and contestants will be emailed a few days later.

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